“Enjoy Outing!”
Under this keyword, we are proposing various styles of outdoor life.
We are a comprehensive brand of outdoor equipment.

LOGOS “LINKS” with Nature and People.
LINK = BE CONNECTED. In a sense, this is a word for returning to the starting point.
When we made the logo for the LOGOS brand, we chose the motif of a maple leaf because we wanted to be a “brand that connects the outdoors to people.” We want to connect nature to people. We want people to be connected with each other. Return to the starting point is needed all the more because this is an age when changes are occurring daily. We should look back at the spirit at our starting time, and look forward to new challenges, as well.
Five Meters off the Water’s Edge to 800 Meters above Sea Level.
All items of the family brand LOGOS can be used within this area.
Father, Mother, Children, Grandfather and Grandmother. The keyword “Enjoy Outing!” that LOGOS has valued since its start is a motto that can be held up because this area is a place where all the family can be happy. The outdoors is exciting because all the family go there together. What can we do for such amusement? We make efforts in manufacturing, asking this question of ourselves all the time.

About Company

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Name of the Company
Logos Corporation

President & Representative Director
Shigeki Shibata

11-1, Hirabayashi-minami 2-chome, Suminoe-ku, Osaka-shi 559-0025
Tokyo Branch
Yoyogi 1 Chome Building, 22-1, Yoyogi 1-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053
Fukuoka Branch
2-4, Otemon 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi 810-0074
Nagoya Office
Mazak Art Plaza, 19-30, Aoi 1-chome, Higashi-ku, Nagoya-shi 461-0004
Sapporo Office
Sumitomo Life Insurance Sapporo Building, 2-12, Kita 5-jo Nishi 5-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi 060-0005
Distribution Center of the Headquarters
Yamadadai Distribution Center

Affiliated Companies
Asrel Co., Ltd.
Outing Space Co., Ltd.

Description of Businesses
Planning, sales and manufacturing of outdoor products and outdoor wear, and auxiliary businesses

March 1928

July 17, 1953

Philosophy and Guiding Precept

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As a manufacturer of outdoor equipment, we aim to be the best brand, taking a position at the contact point between the outdoors and people, and seek to construct a multilateral and global supply system.

Guiding Precept

Collaboration and Cooperation
The Spirit of All for One
All the employees of LOGOS love this company. We share the happiness of belonging to the company and the joy of enhancing its pride. The spirit of all for one means that when one employee has a challenge for us, all of us act to ensure it will be overcome, all of us support him or her in our respective positions. “Collaboration and Cooperation” is our way of trying to overcome challenges rapidly.

Originality and Development
Create Something from Nothing
People react to what they see.
If you imitate goods and services that exist, you will achieve little and cannot better the originator. We want to be a pioneer that always explores frontiers, knowing the joy of creation and recognizing the superiority of an originator. If we keep the spirit of inquiry, we will see something not yet existing that meets the needs of the age. “Originality and Development” is our way of having the spirit of inquiry to seek for the truth.

Thinking Positively
Taking a Step Forward Anyway
Human beings are “lazy” by nature. A lot of people think that it is good that they can live today as they lived yesterday. If you try something new, the sweat will pour and you will have a lot of hardships. Those who know the joy of success enjoy pain, too, because a memory of success is full of hardships. Take a step forward anyway. Then think about it. If you make a mistake, you can correct it. The courage to take a step forward is more valuable than regret at not acting.

Accomplishment of Responsibility
Freedom and Self-responsibility
A lot of people think that they won’t say anything because they don’t want to take responsibility. As long as you state your opinion, you have to be prepared to take responsibility.
The culture of LOGOS is “freedom.”
We can create new things by unconventional thinking and action in THE LOGOS Domain. It is our “responsibility” to carry them through until we achieve success. “Trying to be as good as our words” with faith in mind never fails to bring success. “Accomplishment of Responsibility” means our attitude of trying to take responsibility for our words and actions.

Self-examination of Three JITSU
SHINJITSU (Truth), JITSUYO (Pragmatism) and CHUJITSU (Faithfulness)
Seeking the “Truth,” not bound by the established knowledge and customs, nor swept away by the fashion. Serving society with “Pragmatism” (in our business activities) ensuring that the truth is put to practical use in life. Having the spirit of “Faithfulness”: self-denial and accomplishment of responsibility for our words and actions. “Self-examination of Three JITSU” means using these three attitudes as standards to examine our daily activities.